Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As the Holidays come to a end our duty of cleaning begins and our search for bargains.  Todays post includes some cleaning tips and beauty/health and cold products that cost less that the department store brands and expensive you need to show your license at the pharmacy to buy it products.

I'll start with health/cold:
     Many of us get hit with that horrible sinus problem.  If you're like me you live with it and live on prescription sinus meds and nose spray to keep the pain and pressure at bay.  But there are those times where even the prescription isn't enough and for me the only thing that works is Claritin D.  That gets expensive not to mention you can only get it once a month because you must show your license to get it and they monitor your frequency.  Well I found something way cheaper at Wal-Mart that does the trick and you don't have to trade your first born for it.  The product is made by Quality Plus, it's called Sinus Congestion and Pain: pain reliever, Nasal decongestant.  There is a Daytime non drowsy formula and Night time formula.  Plus side it cost .88 cents per box, down side only 6 doses come in the box.  One dose in the morning maybe another if needed at night and I'm good to go with usually no problem during the day and no sinus pain and pressure.  I'm a huge fan and a happy camper, I highly recommend it!

     Now on to the fun stuff.  First I'll start with every woman's routine-cleanse, tone and moisturize.  I used to be a clinic girl, then I started selling beauty control and used their products of which I hight recommend.  For me it just got too expensive and not budget friendly I felt like I was going through it way to fast.  The time came for me to go on the search for a everyday budget friendly swap.  My find:
Olay!!!   I use the Foaming face wash for Combination/Oily skin,  cost $4.97, it last me a month or more. I use that one at night in the morning I use the Acne Control Face Wash, cost $6.97.  For toner Olay Oil Minimizing Tone, cost $4.97 and for moisturizer Olay Complete All Day Normal UV Moisturizer SPF 15, cost $6.67.  All products last me about a month or more, treat my skin great and are very pocket book friendly. I  Highly recommend

Cleaning Tips and Tricks:
    I'm safe to assume most women like myself HATE cleaning, but if I must clean then I'm going to kick butt at it.
    First up, Lysol Dual Action Wipes: These are awesome.  They clean just about anything surface, table's, sinks, counter tops, walls, door, etc.  You get the point.  Cost: $2.48 for 35 count and $4.63 for 75 count.  Positive is they work great, not sure if there is down side, they aren't overly expensive but you can find yourself going through them quickly.

Mr. Clean Erasers:
    Whoever invented these is a genius.  I've used the regular ones, the bathroom ones and the extra power ones.  These little sponges are amazing.  They remove most dirt from any surface.  From finger prints, crayon to dirty counter tops they get the job done and last for a decent amount of time. They range for a two pack for $2.67-$3.67.  I haven't really found a negative yet only positive!

Rust: if you get rust in your tub from shaving cream can's there is two fixes for this.  One is a rust remover to remover the rust marks. Two is if you get a soap dish and place the metal cans in it on the side of the tub you won't need to worry about rust on your tub, only downside is you will need to dump the water out of it occasionally.

Tubs/Showers: Using a tub spray along with a Mr. Clean Eraser really cuts through the soap scum and leaves you with a beautiful shiny white surface that last a while until it's once again time to do your favorite chore.

Thats all I have for now.  I hope that these tips and suggestions are of help to you and you find them just as great as I do.

Until next time,

Happy New Year and please let me know if these blogs help you