Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple and sexy summer

I apologize in the delay of my post but without further ado......

Lets get Summer time ready.  These are a few tricks I've learned to keeping it simple and sexy durning the summer.

Bikini Season is almost here ladies and we all know staying bikini groomed can be somewhat of a challenge.  I'm going to share with you my bikini season secrets to keeping it simple while keeping you looking sexy.

I like shave secret shave oil, cost about $3.00 at wa-lmart, you find it by the men's shaving creams.  It comes in a little bottle about the size of an eye drop bottle. Apply this according to directions then apply a small amount of EOS shave cream for a close smooth bikini area shave.  The next morning use Bikini zone after shave gel, This is great for keeping those horrible not so sexy razor bump and ingrown hairs away.  Apply this once or twice per day till its time to shave again.  TIP:  At night instead of using the gel apply a lotion instead.

For your sexy summer style I've found an amazing website that holds sales for a limited amount of time on almost everything.  Clothes and shoes for women and children, baby gear, maternity, home decore, kitchen items and much more.  The prices especially on the clothes are simply amazing and clothes very stylish and chic for every style and woman.  The site you ask?
I'm addicted!!!

It's that season again ladies, that's right sandal season. Don't have time to go to the Salon for a pedicure, I have a quick fix to keeping those beautiful feet soft and sandal ready.
In the shower use a pumice stone on heels and rough/dry areas.  Next apply a exfoliating treatment to your feet.  Once out the shower and dry apply a foot lotion/cream.  My lotion pick is Curel'.  Apply lotion morning and nite to keep feet soft and sandal ready


New to my blog is my Local Corner, this is where I pick a local business and tell you all about them and why you should give them a try. If you have or know of someone who has a business that I should write about let me know.  It can be a online shop, boutique, places to eat, a person who sells goods from home, etc.   It can be anywhere in Louisiana.

Sandy's Local Corner:

Today's Business pick goes to A & M Enterprises
Alisha specializes in custom rhinestone designs, fleur de lis items, fine home decor', polka dot luggage, jewelry and more.  I love her rhinestone holiday them shirts, I must own every holiday.  She also does team jersey's and much more. I can't brag enough on how much I love her things. Check out her website

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As always till next time...
Keep it simple and sexy

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